Bumble Academy

"Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty."

Mother's Day... Is today!!! 9.5.10

Hi readers! Today is Mother's Day! Yay!!! What are you going to do for your mothers? I gave her a card and I guess she was happy... -_-... Well, you should try to use your skills instead of just buying them gifts. It should come from your heart and hey! Isn't making a card easier? You know your Mother's favourite colour and stuff, so you can make use of that information. If you buy something, you may have difficultly choosing the correct colours or gifts! What do you say? "Make something out of your heart today!!!"

                           Signing off, Bumble Academy's Clan Leader, Bio Bee~

Something New is Up!!!

Here are the newer grounds in the Academy:

1) Bumble Library

-Recommended books for all ages!!!

-No boring books!!!

-All books have been read by me!!!

-Author and title is included for easy searching in the Library!!! [You may find recommended books there!!!]

2) Bumble Arcade

-Fun and Games everyday!!!

3) A Motto

-You'll find out soon!!!

                        Signing off, Bumble Academy's Clan Leader, Bio Bee~